For Barbour ABI web app users, view Save a Project, Company or People Search

Login to Evolution and click 'Create new profile' button which appears just under the search bar.

In the 'Refine by' box click 'Project location' and select from the 'Project location' drop down. You can view areas by county by clicking the arrow to the side of each region to bring up a list of relevant counties. Select the counties which you would like included in you profile of results.

Using the wheel icon at the bottom of the box you can refresh the total project count to reflect your refined selection.

Continue through the refining options to the side of the window to include the projects you would like to appear in this profile. 

'Stage' allows you to refine projects by the progress stage at which they are currently at.

'Value' allows you to refine by the overall build cost value of projects.

'Materials' allows you to refine projects by the types of materials which will be used in the build process. 

'Days since reported' tab allows you to refine projects by time period, allowing you to only see new or updated projects happening in a certain time period.

Continue to click the wheel button to show the number of projects and companies which would appear in the results following this refining process. Once you have completed your selections, click 'Show projects'.

This will bring up the projects which meet your search requirements. To then save this new profile click 'Save Search' in the top right hand corner of the results list and then add a name for this profile. In this box you can also tick to receive notifications for projects which appear in this profile and also you can tick to make this saved profile shared within your company.

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