For Barbour ABI web app users, view Searching for projects

To search for a project us the search bar at the top of the Evolution homepage. Enter as much information as you can to receive the most relevant projects back. Search for a project using a keyword or phrase such as 'school', 'hospital' or 'swimming pool' or by material such as 'composite doors' or 'flat roof'. 

For example, if you search by school, you will see a further drop down to refine this search. You can select a certain type of school or select all to be included in your search.

Refine your search by location by putting in a town or postcode and select the radius from this location you want to search in. 

Further refine the search by looking at projects updated within a certain time frame and by project stage.

Once you have loaded your search results, you can then save this search criteria for the future by clicking 'Save Search' in the top right hand corner just above the search results.

When you click 'Save Search' you will then see save search options, where you can add a name for your search criteria as well as selecting options to receive notifications for this particular search and also to make the search profile available throughout your company.

Your saved search profile will then appear just below the search bar:

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