For Barbour ABI web app users, view Mail Merge Sample Templates

To send a letter to contacts appearing in your projects results list, you need to conduct a Mail Merge. In your projects results list simply click 'All' to select all those projects in your list, and then click 'More actions'. Within this new window click 'Export'.

In the new pop up window select 'Mail merge'. Select the type of projects and also the contact types you would like to include. Once happy with your selection you can tick to mark these projects or companies as mailed or phoned today. When you next look at this company or project in your results list it will have an icon to the left hand side to mark it as called or mailed. Once selected, click 'Download', and save your file to your computer. Included in the pop up window is links to our complimentary letter/email, fax and label templates. Select which you would like to use and download to your computer.

To create an email merge, using the contacts which you have just downloaded, open the letter template. The fields to be merged appear in the top left hand corner in the chevrons. 

To start a mail merge click 'Mailings', then 'Start Mail Merge', then 'Step by step mail merge wizard' from the Word document menu bar.

When the letter opens click 'Previous: Starting document' and then 'Previous: Select document type' to return to the first step in Mail Merge. 

Once at the first step select 'E-mail messages' from the options to do an email mail merge. Continue through the steps until step 3.

On step 3, select 'Use an existing list' option, then 'Browse'. Go to your files and select the contact spreadsheet which you previously downloaded from Evolution. In the new window ensure your spreadsheet columns have merged correctly with the letter template. Click 'Ok'.

Click to 'Step 4' and then edit the letter template to write your content. Once complete click to 'Step 5'  to preview your letter. Once happy click to 'Step 6' to complete the mail merge. In the final stage select to 'Print' or 'Edit your individual letters...' 

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