When looking at a project click on the 'Diary' button in the button options in the top right hand corner.

Click 'Add new event'. Select your diary type from the drop down, select your date, location status and reminder time, then add a description or any notes you have. Click 'Save'. In the top menu you will now see a bell icon with a reminder notification for your set events. Hover over the icon to see the number of reminders, events and the events which are now overdue.


Within a project click the 'Opportunity' button from the button options in the top right hand corner of the project. A new window will appear, click 'Create opportunity'. Insert your opportunity details including stage, target date, product, forecast value and quote. Once complete click 'Save'. This opportunity is now saved and can be viewed by clicking the 'Opportunities' button in the main menu bar.

To view all your open opportunities click on the 'CRM' button in the top main menu. You can then run reports on your opportunities including Top 10 Opportunities and Opportunities Pipeline. You can select a report in the CRM screen by clicking one of the options just below the search bar.

You can then select a report and view your opportunities in a graph. For example, click 'Top 10 Open Opportunities' which will create a graph similar to the below. You can then refine this graph by time period and also choose to see those opportunities company wide, or just your own.

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