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Company Search Troubleshooter
Company Search Troubleshooter

Why is your search for a company not working? Here we cover how to resolve the most common issues with company searches.

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Company Search - Why can't I find a company?

Company name can't be found when I search by title

Your search term may differ from our reference, as some companies can be known by multiple names.

Answer: try removing some of the keywords to expand your search results e.g. Kier Construction would not return Kier Eastern, so only search Kier to return a wider set of results.

Search by "&" or "and" when it appears in a company title

Different sources may use varying symbols and phrases within a company title to refer to the same company.

Answer: try searching using "&" then using "and" to capture a greater scope of results.

I can't find a company name by acronym

The spacing and punctuation you're using in your search may differ from our reference or the company's preferred title.

Answer: remove spaces between letters in company names or add punctuation between letters.

Answer: try using the company postcode and reduce the radius to 1 mile to locate.

Companies aren't listed in my search results

There are options to search by project, company or people by the search bar.

Answer: select "Companies" in the drop-down list.

Answer: click the arrow to open the company's project list or open the company.

Company can't be found when I type in the location

There is a specific location function in the search bar, so using the keyword bar may not work.

Answer: select from the location options rather than adding this to the company name.

Answer: try amending the radius in the location options (default is 25 miles).

The company still doesn't appear

Answer: The company may not have a project in your subscription coverage. Use the filter button to see date range, locations, categories, development types, and stages you already have access to and what extra data can be requested.

Data can be requested using the request data button.

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